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Alvarado Elementary School seeking tutors

Overview: Alvarado Elementary School is seeking individual tutors and classroom assistants to work with our teachers and new math committee to help improve over all math learning and performance at out school. Located in Noe Valley, we are among the most diverse schools in San Francisco, and we are hoping to offer as miuch extra support as we can to kids at all learning levels. Tutors may be engaged both during and after school hours (including formal after hours programs), in both classroom and “pull-out” “settings.”

As for us, some demographics and other bullets:

-520 kids.

-40-45% socio-economically disadvantaged.

-If you look at our recent test scores, you’ll see math can clearly be improved.

-Immersion and General Education classes- 2 classes in each grade.–Spanish

-Each class has 20-25 kids.

-We can find space for special group programs proposed by tutors during the day. After school programs: We have 250 kids/day staying 2-4 hours after school. Potentially a great time to introduce math tutoring!

2011-2012 OUSTA Winner Announced


The 2011-2012 winner of the Society for College Science Teachers (SCST) Outstanding Undergraduate Science Teacher Award (OUSTA) is Dr. Kimberly Tanner.  This year’s award is co-sponsored by the Springer Publishing Company ( Dr. Tanner is Associate Professor of Biology at San Francisco State University. A neurobiologist by training, Tanner is an innovative teacher who employs inquiry-based learning and interactive methods in her highly rated classes for biology majors, non-majors, and science education graduate students. She is a national leader in biology education research whose groundbreaking work has helped to define and raise the visibility of science education specialists in the higher education community.  Her current research addresses the impact of scientist-teacher partnership models, the development of novel approaches to classroom assessment, and the effectiveness of approaches to promoting gender equity in the sciences. Dr. Tanner will receive the award at the SCST College Luncheon held during the National Science Teachers Association – SCST National Convention in Indianapolis on March 30, 2012.

The Society for College Science Teachers is a national organization established in 1979 to promote the scholarship of college science teaching.  SCST is an affiliate of the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA), founded in 1944 and headquartered in Arlington, Virginia.  NSTA is the largest organization in the world committed to promoting excellence and innovation in science teaching and learning for all. NSTA’s current membership of more than 55,000 includes science teachers, science supervisors, administrators, scientists, business and industry representatives, and others involved in and committed to science education.  SCST’s purpose is to provide a forum for interdisciplinary interaction among teachers of science at all institutions of higher education. Currently there are approximately 800 members from all of the states and several foreign countries.

SCST established the OUSTA to recognize the achievements of scholars who have enhanced the profession as outstanding teachers of science. This annual award is based upon a selection process that evaluates nominees according to the following categories:  1) teaching excellence, as demonstrated through teaching philosophy and effectiveness, teaching innovations, and course and curricula development; 2) scholarship, demonstrated through publications in science education, presentations, grants received, and other forms of scholarship including discipline-based research; and 3) service to science education, students, the profession, scientific and educational organizations, the nominee’s institution, local teachers and their school systems, and the general public with the overall goal of enhancing understanding of scientific issues.

For information, contact Brian Shmaefsky,

Asilomar North Conference

Dear CSME Fellows,
Each year the Teacher Fellowship Program funds a limited number of
registrations to the CMC North Conference:

Welcome to Asilomar
Take time to explore mathematical ideas and teaching for
understanding. Whether you are a first-timer or a veteran of many
Asilomar conferences, we hope this section will help you find the
exciting opportunities that await you at this year’s conference.

A Place to Get New Ideas…
Asilomar is a place to gets lots of new lessons and ideas to use in
your classroom. Attend sessions led by teachers and other educators
from all levels and all over California, the US, and beyond.
Experience hands-on workshops and fun-filled activities you will want
to share with your colleagues and students. The Asilomar conference
offers a rich variety of experiences to suit every grade level and to
cover all strands of mathematics.

A Place to Learn About Current Issues In Mathematics Education…
Come to Asilomar to discuss the latest mathematics education news,
information, and issues. We are proud to have an outstanding group of
presenters — people at the forefront of change in mathematics
instruction. Discover how changes in state and national policy,
teaching techniques, materials, texts, and assessments will affect
your classroom, your students, and your teaching.

A Place to Network…
Hundreds of teachers from all levels attend Asilomar each year. Take
this opportunity to meet colleagues who can assist you in building
your math program. Become part of the CMC network that supports math
teachers throughout California. Meet new friends who share your
interests and love of teaching.

A Wonderful Place to Be…
Asilomar is a beautiful state park. You will encounter many species of
wildlife as you meander through the grounds or take the boardwalks to
the dunes.


If you are interested in applying for registration please come to the
CSME offices and ask a student assistant to assist you with
registration online.

Registrations includes the conference registration, the cost of
staying at Asilomar and meals.

Registrations will be give in order of priority:
Math Fellows and Members
Science Teacher Fellows and Member
Credential Students from the College of Education
All other math undergraduates

We encourage you to register with us soon as we will not have funds to
cover everyone. First come, first served basis.


Meet local teachers who have completed credential programs
in the SF Bay Area. Hear about their experiences as student teachers,
gain insight into your choices and advice from both new and veteran
educators.  Representing programs such as SF State, Bay Area Teacher’s
Coalition, USF Teacher Residency Program, UC Berkley and Mills
College. Moderated by Alton Lee and Donna Dela Calzada

This program is open to all students, staff and faculty interested in
learning about teaching pathways and life in a credential program.
Please RSVP here

When: October 14th 2011
4-6:00 PM

Where: Trailer P (CSME Annex)
Dinner will be provided.

The CSME Teacher Fellowship Program is still looking for fellows to
join our program! More details can be found here: – Applications are being
accepted all semester!

Math Mentors Wanted

The We Teach Science Foundation is looking for math mentors to
connect with students remotely via the internet.  This is a great
opportunity for those who are interested in mentoring but can’t
commit to making on-location visits each week.

The mentors use a web-based interactive whiteboard and audio
connection to interact with the students for about an hour each week.
Training and support are provided to the mentors throughout the school
year, and the students’ teachers provide weekly updates on what the
students are learning in class and what types of questions they may

This school year, the Foundation has reached out to SWE for mentors to
pair with 8th grade girls in the Pacifica School District who are
struggling with algebra.  If you’re interested or would like more
information, visit the We Teach Science website or contact Sonal Singh
( /1-800-939-1640×3).

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